Zero Entry Accounting is Here!


Zero Entry Accounting

Zero Entry Accounting is Here!. AccountingSuite™ is proud to launch the Boxer version which brings zero entry accounting to your favorite business solution!

The Boxer is the soul of honesty and loyalty, and is never false or treacherous even in his old age”

Our latest product enhancement is aptly called Boxer, after one of the most loyal and honest dogs in the canine family. As technology advances, and the accounting world gets closer and closer to the day when advisors will do just that — advise, and serve their clients with more than just the nitty gritty — we hope that this new enhancement will bring users of AccountingSuite™ to a more simple, client-focused way to practice.

Say farewell to the time when work was all about entering data for clients’ orders and invoices. Zero entry accounting means that you will have a better overall picture of your clients’ financial position with easy-to-use, trustworthy tools. Enhance your practice with AccountingSuite™’s Boxer release, which includes new and improved features that you’re going to love using. Everyone will breathe a bit easier with functionalities that include:

Batch reclass. Accountants are constantly grappling with transaction data that hasn’t been properly assigned, and taking great pains to go back through and manually re-enter the correct information. With our new Batch Reclass feature, you can now find transaction data that needs to be reclassified, and easily change accounts, companies, projects, and classes on transactions in one fail swoop. Making these changes in batches will free up time to work on collaboration and education for your clients.

Filter transactions. To be sure, focus is key when it comes to reconciling complicated transactions. If you’ve found yourself needing more time in AccountingSuite™ to look at transactions in cloud banking that have been marked as Matched, New or Transfer, you can now filter them to cut down on distraction, and work on the items that need attention right away, without the interference of other transactions.

acs ui in laptop

Cloud Banking Screen. When it comes to important transactions, we don’t want to leave anything up to chance. Our cloud banking screen will not let an unsuccessful transaction slip by unnoticed. Users will now receive helpful messages to assist in the automatic connection to the bank in case something doesn’t look quite right in the transaction process.

cloud banking screen acs

For AccountingSuite™, it’s not just about making life easier for the business owner and the accountant, it’s about making sure the relationship between the two are ever more informative, intuitive, and forward-thinking. With technology giving us real-time information at our fingertips, we have to have tools that help us organize, filter, and screen our work — all while saving time on costly mistakes. In the grand scheme of accounting, these necessities will only bring the accountant and business owner closer through a shared sense of trust and loyalty. Have questions about how AccountingSuite can make zero-entry accounting work for you?

Reach out to us with your questions and concerns. We’re here, and we’re dedicated to helping small businesses grow and succeed — and that means helping accountants become better educators and trust confidence in the new age of zero entry accounting. Request a Demo Today!

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