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Why This CPA Firm Chose AccountingSuite

Why This CPA Firm Chose AccountingSuite. Accounting firms have more options than ever before when evaluating which accounting software to use for their business clients. Andersen CPA recently decided to make the switch for two of their clients to AccountingSuite. The client needs did not fit those of their previous solutions any longer, and the firm wanted a QuickBooks alternative due to the robust inventory management needs. AccountingSuite will follow Andersen CPA on their journey to convert two clients from their current general ledgers. In this first article of a series of blog posts, let us first learn a little about the firm and the two clients they will be migrating to AccountingSuite.

Understanding the Firm

Why This CPA Firm Chose AccountingSuite

Andersen CPA was formed in 1987 offering tax, accounting and financial coaching services to businesses from the Los Angeles area. The Firm believes in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of our clients’ success; because different clients have different needs, Andersen CPA always looks to identify new solutions on the market that are agile and cloud-enabled.

As most firms of the future, we know how essential being in the cloud is and will continue to be as artificial intelligence and blockchain continue to develop and progress. Servicing a variety of clients with accounting software conversions, inventory management and financial support, we have found that it is vital to keep up with all of the available technologies that best suits our clients’ needs.

As technology evolves, more and more accounting solutions have come onto the market giving our firm options that were not always available. When the Firm was first formed, we were supporting software like

ACCPAC, BusinessVision, and Peachtree to meet our clients’ needs. As time passed and Intuit took a stronger foothold on the market with their QuickBooks product line, many of our clients were converted to their different versions.

Today 60% of our business clients are in the cloud and as a firm we know it’s vital for client retention to offer cloud accounting services to all of our clients. Our firm acts as a reseller (VAR) for many solutions that we find to be viable products for our clients

Why This CPA Firm Chose AccountingSuite

Current Client Conundrums

Why This CPA Firm Chose AccountingSuite

Andersen CPA services a wide range of clients and had three that recently came up which needed a new accounting software.

1. The first, a 10 year old established business that sells electronic devices to seniors. Imagine items with very large button! The company has about 30-35 different products to track and lots of inventory management needs. Additionally, they have a lot of RMA issues that arise – especially if there was a bad lot that would require a recall. They have offshore manufacturing which can make the process only that much more difficult to run. They are currently 4 users on QB Premier that just doesn’t have the features needed to support these types of transactions.

2. We have a bookkeeping client that we are looking to move to AccountingSuite to connect bank feeds and go back a full 12 months for review and reconciliation.

3. An auto parts distributor that has to track over 10,000 items and has Point of Sale requirements that currently are not supported by their software, Vision Point. They have 4-5 users in at a time and a long standing established set of books. The serial tracking number is a major pain point. We will schedule this move for the Spring during the clients’ slow time.

Why AccountingSuite was our Chosen QuickBooks Alternative

In evaluating a cloud based accounting software, there are 3 real options for our firm: Xero, QuickBooks or AccountingSuite. Here is a brief explanation of how we view the 3:

Xero:  We at Andersen CPA struggle with how Xero works. It feels like it is designed for non-accountants and more for the individual business owners, which makes it hard to work with as a CPA. Additionally, it fits better for the small onesie/two-sie type organizations that neither one of these clients are.

QuickBooks Online: Online is better in the fact that they offer more variety and meets more of our clients’ needs but they only support clients up to a certain size and the complexities don’t work when it comes to inventory management.

AccountingSuite: Andersen CPA found it to be much more robust when it comes to inventory based corporations. It is great for any size business as it can grow with the clients’ needs and reporting is great for honing-in on the overall health of a business. The software itself is a solid system for accountants as it provides the ability to select either cash or accrual accounting, rather than auto-setting it which makes it different than the rest. The functionalities of AccountingSuite and the additional modules they offer at no additional cost are also a big bonus when looking for a QuickBooks alternative to save our clients money.

Stay tuned to see how the migration and client onboarding goes!

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