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Why AccountingSuite values protecting your data

Secure Accounting Software You Can Rely On. In a world increasingly reliant on digital information, secure accounting software and data security is tantamount to business success. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, “No organization is too large or too small to fall victim to a data breach. No industry vertical is immune to attack.” It goes without saying that security is particularly important to those in the accounting profession, who are dealing with sensitive financial data as a matter of course. Given the ramifications of a breach, which you may not recover from, you need to carefully consider how you protect your network.

Misconceptions about hackers

Our image of a data thief is one of a shadowy figure, probably wearing a hoodie, who seeks to take down the federal government and huge corporations. While these hackers do exist, they are far from representative of the breadth of people who are more than willing to steal your data. Headlines may focus on the likes of Target and Facebook, but small business are just as likely to attack small businesses. The aforementioned Verizon study notes that 43 percent of breach victims in 2019 were small businesses. 

Even more alarming is the rate at which small businesses shutter as a result of data loss. The National Cyber Security Alliance estimates that 60 percent of them have to close their doors within six months. In other words, the stakes are extremely high. 

Keeping your system on lock

Network security requires hiring a reputable IT company who will not only respond to issues, but also proactively monitor your system to prevent them from happening in the first place. That’s a given. However, you also need to ensure that your staff understands that no amount of technology that can’t prevent a hacker taking advantage of social engineering. If any member of your team unwittingly invites a ne’er-do-well in, you’ll be scrambling to save your firm.  

One of the simplest ways hackers can penetrate your network is through phishing attacks. These breaches involve the criminal posing as a reputable source and encouraging somebody to click on a link. That link contains code that will compromise your data with the likely end of making you pay for it back in what’s known as a ransomware attack. Phishing bait can come in all forms, from emails to social media posts to text messages. And of course, strong passwords and private networks are a must. 

How AccountingSuite can help

As an accounting software provider, we understand the vital importance of data security. We also understand that it’s just as essential for us as it is for our clients. As such, we’ve designed our software to offer the highest of security on any device, no matter where you login. AccountingSuite features real-time data security and encryption which vigilantly watches over your information 24/7. The increased functionality of cloud-based platforms comes with added responsibility to protect a network, and we take this responsibility seriously. After all, an accounting software that can’t keep data safe isn’t worth much at all.

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