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This PRIVACY POLICY (the “Privacy Policy“) governs use of the Services provided by YELLOW LABS SOFTWARE, INC. DBA ACCOUNTINGSUITE (the “Company“ or “we”). This Privacy Policy is a legal agreement between the End-User (or “you”) and the Company. This Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of the Company and its Affiliates. Your use of our Services constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and its terms and provides us with the legal basis for our processing of your data. We are a Business and/or a Third Party under the CCPA, as applicable. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, THEN YOU ARE PROHIBITED FROM USING OUR SERVICES.

This Privacy Policy forms part of our Terms of Service. See our End-User Agreement for additional terms governing your use of our Services generally. Capitalized terms used herein but not defined shall have the meanings assigned to them in our End-User Agreement. In particular, see our End-User Agreement for definitions of the terms “Accounting Data,” “Accounting Partner,” “Integration Partner,” “Personally Identifiable Information,” “PII,” “User Content” and “User Data.”


  1. Application. This Privacy Policy applies to our Services or any other Service that links to this Privacy Policy. The Company is the responsible entity for all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) subject to this Privacy Policy for our Services targeted to End-Users.

  2. Our Collection of your Information.

    1. We collect PII when you register or open an account, sign in, pay a bill, purchase our Service, use our Service, call us for support or give us feedback. We may also get PII from other companies or third parties, such as when you sync an account or service with an Integration Partner with our Services. We may also receive PII when we use service providers to supplement or verify the PII you give us (e.g., validating your mailing address) to help us maintain the accuracy of your data and provide you with better service. Finally, we also collect content or other information that you may provide or create when you interact with our Services.

    2. We may also automatically collect your Usage Data. We also collect IP addresses to (a) track and aggregate non-personal information, (b) determine the country or region of origin of End-Users and/or (c) as part of log in or security features. We may also collect Global Positioning System (GPS) location data and/or motion data when you use certain features or Services. We may also use Tracking Technologies to track your activity when using our Services.

    3. Our Services may change over time and we may introduce new features that may collect new or different types of information.

  3. Correction of Information. We take reasonable steps to allow you to correct or amend your PII. You may also request that we correct or complete any PII you believe is incorrect or incomplete. We will make such corrections or completions when we determine they are warranted.

  4. Our Use of Your Information. By using our Services, you give us permission to use your PII. Unless prohibited by Applicable Laws and/or Rules or a contractual obligation, we may use your information, including your PII, for the following purposes:

    1. Account Registration. We may use your PII to register your account for certain Services we provide and to communicate important information to you. We may obtain additional PII, such as address change information, from commercially available sources, to keep our records current. PLEASE NOTE THAT OTHERS MAY SEE AND HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE OR DELETE YOUR PII: (A) IF YOU GIVE YOUR LOGIN CREDENTIALS TO OTHER PERSONS, (B) IF YOU CREATE OR DESIGNATE AUTHORIZED USERS ON YOUR ACCOUNT, (C) IF YOU DESIGNATE AN ACCOUNTING PARTNER FOR YOUR ACCOUNT OR (D) IF YOU ARE A FRANCHISEE.

    2. Communicate with You about Other Services. We may use your information to communicate with you about our Services and to give you offers for third-party products and services that we think may be of use to you. We may contact you with newsletters, marketing or promotional materials or other information in order to do so.

    3. To Improve Services and Develop New Services. We will use your PII to personalize or customize your experience and our Services, develop new features or Services, and to improve the overall quality of our Services. We may also use your PII to notify you about any changes to our Services.

    4. To Provide Our Services and Operate Our Business. We may use your PII to: (a) operate our business, including providing Services you requested; (b) provide you with support related to our Services; (c) provide you with notifications and reminders related to our Services and (d) to help us protect our Services, including to combat fraud and to protect your information. We may also use your PII to fulfill the terms of our privacy policies, terms of service or any other agreement we have with you.

    5. Customer Service and Technical Support. We may use your PII or Usage Data to resolve questions you may have about our Services and to follow up with you about your experience. We may also use your PII to provide customer support and to detect, prevent or address technical issues. We may also offer various internet chat Services which allow you, for example, to communicate with a support technician. Chat transmissions are encrypted but you should not supply more PII than is required to address your specific issue. A transcript of the session may be retained to resolve questions or issues related to our Services.

    6. Feedback. We may use any information you volunteer in surveys or other feedback you provide and combine them with answers from other customers in order to better understand our Services and how we may improve them. Answering any survey is optional.

    7. Research. We may combine or publish aggregated information from many End-Users, but only in a way that would not allow an individual End-User to be identified. We may prepare and share such information about our customers with third parties, such as advertisers or partners, for research, academic, marketing and/or promotional purposes. We or o ur Integration Partners may publicly report such aggregated findings of the research or analysis, but only in a way that would not allow you or any other person to be identified.

    8. Order and Payment Processing. We may use your PII to help us to fulfill orders you have placed with us. We may use your PII in order to process payments due to us from you.

  5.  How We Share your Personal Information. From time to time, we may need to share your PII with others.

    1. Accounting Partners. We may share your information with any Person you designate as an Accounting Partner. You acknowledge and agree that you grant to your Accounting Partner a limited power of attorney, appointing your Accounting Partner as your true and lawful attorney-in-fact and agent with full power of substitution and re-substitution, for you and in your name, place and stead, in any and all capacities to access, alter, update and erase your Accounting Data. See our Accounting Partner Policy for rules which govern our Accounting Partners.

    2. Affiliates. We may share your information, including User Data, with our Affiliates to enable us to provide our Services and help us operate our business by performing various functions, such as website design, email communications, fraud detection and prevention, customer care or analytics. Our contracts with these Affiliates require them to maintain the confidentiality of any PII we provide to them, act only on our behalf and under our instructions and not use PII for purposes other than the product or service they're providing to us or on our behalf.

    3. Integration Partners. We may, with your authorization, share your information, including User Data, with our Integration Partners who provide online services that integrate with our Services in order to provide you with additional functionality. Integration Partners have their own individual privacy policies, and you are responsible for reviewing these policies. Integration Partners’ privacy policies may be either more or less restrictive than our Privacy Policy. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY USER DATA THAT YOU AGREE TO SHARE WITH THESE PARTNERS ONCE SUCH DATA HAS BEEN TRANSMITTED TO THESE INTEGRATION PARTNERS. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DATA (INCLUDING YOUR USER DATA), WHICH MAY BE STORED BY THESE INTEGRATION PARTNERS.

    4. Government/Legal Requests. We may share your information with courts, law enforcement agencies or other government bodies when we have a good faith belief that we are required and/or permitted to do so by Applicable Laws and/or Rules, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements, to protect our Company or to respond to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or other law enforcement request.

    5. Protection of the Company/Others. We may share User Data when we believe it is appropriate to enforce or apply any terms of service and other agreements of the Company or to protect the rights, property or safety of the Company, our Services, our End-Users or others. We may also exchange User Data with other companies and organizations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction. This does not include selling, renting, sharing or otherwise disclosing PII for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments set forth in this Privacy Policy.

    6. Reporting to Credit Bureaus. We may share your information with credit bureaus, consumer reporting agencies and card associations. Late payments, missed payments or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report and consumer report. We may also share your information with other companies, lawyers, credit bureaus, agents, government agencies and card associations in connection with issues related to fraud, credit or debt collection.

    7. Information Sharing Between our Entities. We share your User Data with our Related Entities (except where prohibited by Applicable Laws and/or Rules) in order to: process your transactions, maintain your accounts, operate our business, facilitate End-User login or registration, operate or provide our Services, offer you products or other Services, operate our business effectively, detect or prevent fraud or improve our Services.

    8. Sale of Our Business. If we sell, merge, or transfer any part of our business, we may be required to share your User Data. If so, you will be asked if you would like to stop receiving promotional information following any change of control.

    9. With Your Consent. Other than as set out above, we will provide you with notice and the opportunity to choose when your User Data may be shared with other third parties.

  6. Connecting Third-Party Services.

    1. Financial Accounts. You may choose to sync certain Services with information from other financial accounts. To sync your financial account information, we may require access to your online account with your financial institution. In such case, we will request your username, password and any other login bank data that you have set up with your financial institution to enable access. We use this information to update and maintain the account information you download or upload, to assist with the upload and download process and to enhance our Services.

    2. Other Terms for all Third-Party Services.

      1. Linking to Other Services. We may offer you the option to sync, link or connect the services of our Integration Partners with our Services (each, a “Connected Service”). For clarification purposes, the financial accounts described in Section 6.1 are each a Connected Service. It will be clear who is referring the service or product, and who is providing the service or product. If you choose to accept these services, providing your consent to either the third party or to us, we may exchange your information, including your User Data, as well as information about how you interact with each company’s service or product. This exchange of information is necessary to maintain business operations and to provide the ongoing service you have requested. By requesting or accepting these products or services, you are permitting us to provide your information, including your User Data, to the other party. It is your responsibility to review the privacy policies of these third parties. We assume no responsibility for and do not control the content, privacy policies or practices of such services. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility for and do not control your interaction with such sites, including the sharing of your User Data with such services.

      2. Limited Power of Attorney. If you choose to utilize a Connected Service, then you grant to us a limited power of attorney, appointing us as your true and lawful attorney-in-fact and agent, with full power of substitution and re-substitution, for you and in your name, place and stead, in any and all capacities, to access, exchange data and information with and remove information from such Connected Service, all as described in this Section 6, with the full power and authority to do and perform each and every act and thing requisite and necessary to be done in connection with such utilization, but only as required to provide you with our Services.

      3. Relationship to Other Service Providers. You agree that when we access a Connected Service for you, that we are acting on your behalf and not on behalf of the Integration Partner. You agree that our Integration Partners shall be entitled to rely on the authorization, agency and power of attorney granted by you. You understand and agree that our Services are not endorsed or sponsored by any third-party service accessible through our Services.

    3.  Links to Other Sites. Our Services may link to third-party sites. Clicking on such links will take you to these third-party sites. It is your responsibility to review the privacy policies of these third-party sites. We assume no responsibility for and do not control the content, privacy policies or practices of such sites. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility for and do not control your interaction with such sites, including the sharing of your data or content with such sites.

  7. Data Storage and Retention.

    1. Storage. We may store your data on servers located in other countries or jurisdictions, including those that are located out of your governing jurisdiction.

    2. Retention. To the extent permitted by Applicable Laws and/or Rules, we may retain your User Data as long as we determine is necessary to operate our Services, whether or not you remain a current End-User of our Services. You have the right to request that we erase your User Data under certain conditions. Please contact us at the email listed at the beginning of this Privacy Policy if you wish to have your User Data erased. Our Services will not function properly without access to certain types of User Data. Accordingly, if we erase your User Data, then we may terminate or restrict (at our sole discretion) your access to our Services.

  8. Access to Personal Information.

    1.  Generally, your User Data is available through your account as a Registered User of our Services. However, if you are unable to access your User Data, you may request a copy by contacting us.

    2.  You may also request that we transfer your User Data to another organization or directly to you under certain conditions. We will take such requests under advisement and see if we can accommodate them.

  9. Security. The security of your data is important to us, but you should be aware that no method of transmission over the internet and no method of electronic storage is completely secure. While we strive to use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your User Data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

  10.  Children’s Privacy. The use of our Services by individuals under the legal age of majority is prohibited. We do not knowingly collect User Data from such individuals. If you become aware that such an individual has provided us with User Data, please contact us and we will take steps to restrict access to our Services by such an individual. Not withstanding the foregoing, it is possible for a Registered User to store a minor’s Accounting Data in our system. Any Registered User doing so is required to obtain the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian.

  11.  Termination and Survival. The Company may terminate our Privacy Policy in accordance with Section 20 of our End-User Agreement; provided, however, that to the extent applicable, all provisions of our Privacy Policy shall survive its termination.