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Take the Pain out of Pre-Accounting

When you think of the work of accounting, your mind probably goes to the work of reconciling accounts, creating reports, managing cash flow, and a million other operations. All of these actions rely on having the raw data of accounting in front of you, the receipts and transactions needed to do the actual accounting. These figures don’t just come from nowhere. The task of amassing this data and getting it ready for accounting is known, fittingly, as pre-accounting. Normally, the work of pre-accounting has been so tedious and time-consuming that it hasn’t taken valuable time away from more valuable accounting operations. It’s the type of grunt work that nobody likes. But with AccountingSuite™, it doesn’t have to be so bad.

Cloud-based, integrated platforms like AccountingSuite™ allow you to streamline your pre-accounting process, even if you’re a retailer working across multiple channels. You’ll never need to keep a pile of receipts in a shoebox again with a fully integrated platform that puts all of your pre-accounting data in one centralized location. The less time you spend doing the grunt work out pre-accounting, the more time you have to leverage the other powerful features AccountingSuite has to offer. Here’s how we take the headache out of pre-accounting.

Integrations galore

Very few companies rely on a single source to generate income. The days of all the money being in the cash register have long since passed, meaning that a lot of pre-accounting comes down to tracking which transactions occur where and migrating them all into your accounting software. With robust list of integrations, migration just got a lot easier. You can pair AccountingSuite™ with Stripe, Shipstation, Paypal, and more to automatically record transactions in real time. Zapier also allows you to create specific trigger actions that translate actions and prompts from one service to the next. Once you get these platforms talking to one another, they’ll be able to carry on the conversation on their own, saving you time and money.

Ease of getting started

When you’re getting started with a new software solution or changing from one platform to another, there’s going to be some legwork that needs doing. It is the pre-accounting mountain, so to speak. AccountingSuite™ knows it can be difficult, so we’ve created tools to help, including the ability to easily migrate data from Quickbooks Online. People shouldn’t be locked into a system that doesn’t serve them only because they’re fearful of making a change. With a seamless transition, you can move forward without wondering if your software is holding you back.

What you can do when you don’t have to do pre-accounting

The beauty of a modern pre-accounting system is what it will give you time to do. When getting everything in order is less of a concern, you’ll have more time to run reports, more time to analyze data, and more time to get the benefits from the insights provided by AccountingSuite™. In the accounting world, much has been made about the difference between compliance and consultation services, with an emphasis placed on the value of the former. There is no greater example of compliance-only, low-value accounting work than pre-accounting. The more you can tip the scales away from it, the better off you’ll be.

AccountingSuite™ is here to help you do just that. Head here to find out more about what you’ll be doing when you’re doing less pre-accounting.

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