End-of-Year Client Write-Ups


End-of-Year Client Write-Ups

How AccountingSuite Turns a Nightmare Into a Dream

End-of-Year Client Write-Ups. A decade or two ago, the vast majority of accounting professionals and CPA firms would’ve ranked client write-ups among their most dreaded tasks, especially those of the end-of-year (EOY) variety. EOY client write-ups were time consuming, tedious, and ultimately not very valuable to the client. They were, in short, a means to an end. With the advent of cloud accounting software and advanced data analytics, however, EOY write-ups can and should be more useful than ever before. When done right, they can provide a client with a snapshot of the previous year in order to help them make better decisions for the coming one.

The old way

Before the advent of cloud-based, real-time accounting software, assembling an EOY client write-up began as a waiting game. Without records submitted from your clients, it was impossible to complete an accurate write-up. And once that data finally arrived, you needed to spend an inordinate amount of time doing tedious manual data entry. Only after you finished all of the grunt work could you even begin to make sense of the information in any sort of useful way.

The traditional way of doing client write-ups was so monotonous that most CPAs regarded it as a necessary evil. It gave them a baseline of compiled records to prepare them for auditing and review, but it didn’t do much else. For the clients, it was mostly a way to verify raw data and make sure all the numbers added up. That may have had value in a pre-internet environment, but it’s certainly not a relevant activity in 2019.

The better way

Shared data that can seamlessly migrate from client to firm makes assembling a write-up a snap. You no longer have to cross your fingers and hope your client is on top of their game. Instead, the second the data is available to them, it’s available to you. Even better, because information is shared freely, you won’t spend hours upon hours manually inputting into your systems.

The time that you used to spend collating and verifying raw data can now be used to make sense of those numbers. in a way that benefits your clients. Rather than punching in numbers, you can analyze them. You may discover patterns, trends, and other relevant insights that will allow your clients to improve their business in the coming year. Doing so increases your value to your clients, which is what write-ups were intended to do in the first place.

How AccountingSuite can help

AccountingSuite comes packed with robust reporting features that allow you to access the most relevant pieces of data quickly and easily. Accurate, actionable reporting gives your clients a write-up that they can actually make sense of and apply to their decision making. It’s no longer a solely a set of numbers; it’s a document that can inform practices and behaviors, guiding a client toward growth.

In today’s hyper-connected world, any accounting professional who bases their value on simply adding up the dollars and cents isn’t adding enough value to your clients. With AccountingSuite, even a task as seemingly bare-bones as an EOY write-up can reap massive dividends for clients. That’s the promise of cloud-based, real-time accounting software that works for you and your clients.

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