Customer Highlight with US Decor and their Door Mats


Customer Highlight with US Decor and their Door Mats

Customer Highlight with US Decor and their Door Mats. “US Décor is US-based brand that showcases designs from Traditional to Trendy. US Décor combines design with quality door mats made of coir, coir/rubber, polypropylene and jute, and strives to provide the best service to its consumers. We work with quality and responsible factories to find just the right products for our accounts.

US Décor, LLC was established in July 2015. In January 2016, we were ready to start ordering products and selling! Well, except for the minor details like finding an affordable warehouse, EDI service, and oh yeah, an accounting software that handles orders, shipments, invoices, purchase orders, bills, and inventory. Tall order? You bet! Turns out, the warehouse and EDI went very smoothly. The accounting software was another issue altogether. When you are looking for software that won’t break the bank, has all of these features, and you can multi-users accessing from all over the world, the options are pricey!

I cannot remember how I stumbled onto AccountingSuite, but I am so glad that I did. Not only is AccountingSuite the perfect fit for US Décor (more on that later), but the customer service (and I am a stickler about this) is phenomenal. That is not an understatement. They have many avenues for getting assistance: Support/Live Chat, User Guide, and Remote Support… this is just to name a few.

Now to the software itself… did I mention that it is web and cloud based? So no need to install software, pay annual fees for updates. One low monthly fee (and you pick your plan), you can assign users that can log in from anywhere in the world.

Customer Highlight with US Decor and their Door Mats. US Décor uses AccountingSuite for Sales Order entry and tracking, Shipments, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bill Entry, Inventory Management, and Cloud Banking… but within these modules there are so many features and options, that it is like it’s customized for your business. And is there is something that you want added or changed, all you have to do is ask. Accounting Suite also has integrated with other platforms at no extra cost from AccountingSuite: Stripe, ShipStation, Dwolla… just to name a few. We use Stripe, and are able to process and receive payments right from AccountingSuite.

There are so many features to AccountingSuite. The biggest benefit that US Décor received from AccountingSuite was their support… training, assistance with creating the infrastructure and process of receiving, shipping, and invoicing orders, uploading existing items, troubleshooting… basically, holding our hands. Starting a business is hard, but with AccountingSuite, they took this part of the set-up and made it easier for us to just go and sell our door mats!”

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