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Cloud Software to Ease EOY Client Write Up Pains. As 2017 comes to a close and many businesses approach the end of their fiscal year, CPA firms across the nation will be bombarded with clients that have shoeboxes of receipts and reconciliations needing to be completed. The headaches of end of year client write up clients will commence, but one thing should be clear to every firm: client expectations have changed. Not only are cursory, manual monthly client write-ups no longer enough to maintain a strong relationship with your clientele, in today’s rapid marketplace, they simply take too much time to turn much of a profit.

Luckily, a wave of new cloud-based software offerings are transforming the way we provide key data to our clients. This year, your end-of-year client write up doesn’t have to be a maddening chore. Instead, it can be a simple, painless process, with a host of added benefits for both you and your clients. Here’s how migrating client write up to the cloud can save you precious time and make the people you serve happier than ever:

No more time wasted manually entering data

For years, client write-up was a task for the lowest on the accounting totem pole. Hours and hours were wasted manually entering and checking data gleaned from after-the-fact statements provided by the client. And if you were missing something, it meant twiddling your thumbs while you waited for the client to reply.

But with today’s modern cloud-based solutions, huge swaths of data can be entered with 


just a few keystrokes. Even better, you can directly import entire datasets from the business’s systems. And with all the data accessible in real time, adjustments can be made on the fly by both you and your client. No more combing through thousands of numbers to track down a missed keystroke. No more waiting.

Generate up-to-the-minute reports with real value

With cloud-based client write-up software, not only does entering data become that much more efficient, but making use of that data is a matter of just a few clicks. Today’s cutting edge CWU offerings come equipped with an array of rapid reporting tools, enabling you to build crystal clear reports of all types within minutes after a request hits your desk. By accommodating your clients’ exact needs at every moment and pinpointing opportunities to save money and capitalize on trends, you can be a pivotal force steering them to success. That means happier customers, more referrals, and a better reputation for you and your firm.

Everything in a single platform

Tired of switching programs to fulfill different client requests? The best write-up software will allow you to do everything from a single window, using tabs to work with several clients simultaneously. This way, you can stay on top of everything, without wrangling half a dozen programs and an snare of conflicting data points.

Client Write Up Pains Resolved

With all the time saved with a cloud-based solution, you can stop poring over spreadsheets and start doing what really matters: delivering an exemplary experience to your clients. The right tools will turn your end-of-year client write up from a begrudging necessity to a powerful instrument in you and your clients’ accounting arsenal, and keep both your businesses driving forward.

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