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There are no hidden costs with AccountingSuite™. All features in the Cloud Banking, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Accounting and Reporting modules are included in the monthly subscription fee.

We built AccountingSuite™ to be uncomplicated and compatible-out of the box-with how growing & mid-sized businesses operate day-to-day. We put the features you need where you need them, so they are easy to access exactly when you need them.

Banking Options

AccountingSuite™’s Cloud Banking connects to more than 9,000 bank and credit card institutions, downloading your transactions automatically so that you’ll spend less time on data entry and have a better overall picture of your company’s financial position.

  • Intelligent matching technology reconciles bank transactions with entries in AccountingSuite™ to prevent duplicate transactions.
  • Easily accept or reject individual transactions, giving you more control over what data goes into your accounting records.
  • AccountingSuite™ learns to recognize common transactions and automatically categorizes new instances in your records.
  • Easily check multiple bank balances from a single screen.
  • Automatic daily imports of your banking transactions mean that you’re always working with the latest data.

Inventory Tracking

AccountingSuite™’s powerful inventory tools can be used easily by anyone. Check out its advanced inventory management features not usually found in small business cloud accounting software.

Inventory Capabilities

  • Hierarchial support for multiple locations, sub-locations, and bins as well as categorization by attributes like projects and classes.
  • Powerful procurement system that supports multiple dates and locations.
  • Flexible purchase order document flow with the ability to print drop-ship information.
  • Location transfers and selectable GAAP-friendly inventory costing methods (weighted average or FIFO).

Inventory Workflows

  • Create purchase orders with a drop-ship address and include customer location information for more exact tracking of inventory and better reporting.
  • Supplier and vendor invoices are simple to create from existing purchase orders or built-in invoice templates.
  • Tagging systems let you easily classify expense line items to projects and classes for simplified project accounting and reporting.
  • Built-in controls ensure that user entry follows best practices and helps avoid data entry errors.

Cash is King

AccountingSuite™ was designed with a business’s cashflow in mind. The browser-based interface makes it easy to monitor your business’s right-now cash position and use real-time reporting to visualize how inventory and accounts receivables are tying up cash.

  • AccountingSuite™’s cash sale interface can run as a point-of-sale (POS) system on a range of devices and includes functionality to email customer receipts.
  • Cash sales are instantly posted to your books and inventory entries are automatic–no extra steps needed to keep the books balanced.
  • Use bar code readers to search and input by UPC code.
  • Deep integration with Stripe streamlines cash management tasks like recurring invoicing and cash collections.

Stay Connected

Spend your time managing your business, not your software. AccountingSuite™ uses the cloud for connectivity, and a browser window for the interface, meaning no patches or updates on any device, ever.

  • Multi-user support and security controls link together employees, business advisers, accountants and investors with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Use AccountingSuite™ from anywhere with an internet connection, on a range of tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Windows/PC browser support for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • OS X/Mac browser support for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Close Deals Faster

AccountingSuite™ was designed with a business’ cash flow in mind. The browser-based interface makes it easy to monitor your business’ “right-now” cash position and use real-time reporting to visualize how inventory and accounts receivables are tying up cash.

Sales Orders

  • Just one click to reuse an existing sales order or create a new one.
  • During the order entry processes, instant access to inventory and support for backorders lets you give customers accurate shipping estimates on-the-fly.
  • Customer records support unlimited addresses, making it easier to use your own data to market to real customers that have received your products and services.
  • Usability features like accessing inventory and cost data without leaving the order entry screen.
  • Export sales orders to common document formats for quick sharing with your customers, partners or co-workers in different departments.

Invoices and Recurring Invoices

  • Copying existing invoices and creating new invoices is simple and quick–just one click means that your customer can be on the phone or in your office.
  • Email (electronically deliver) invoices to customers with CC: to salespersons or other members of our team. Stripe users can include a “PAY” button in the invoice.
  • Advanced functionality for recurring invoices allows you to automate repetitive business processes, letting you focus on doing business and not creating invoices.

Time Tracking

AccountingSuite™’s powerful time tracking tools make it easy to keep track of employee and contractor time so that managing project profitability and creating invoices is a snap.

  • AccountingSuite™’s cloud-driven design means employees and contractors can track time from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Built-in security controls let you wall off your accounting records from users that only need to track time.
  • Multi-day entries on a single screen save time for employees and contractors who are working remotely or on large projects.
  • Create invoices with one click generated from single or multiple time records.
  • All time tracking entries can link to a project or contract (like a sales order), giving you visibility into individual project profitability and helping with contract management.
  • Time and project data can be exported to Excel, PDF, or intranet-friendly HTML.
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