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A recent headline from Inc. Magazine pulled no punches when it comes to the negative effect unpaid invoices can have on a business, calling them a “time-sucking cash-flow nightmare.” Having to spend hours managing invoices and tracking down who owes you what is time you can’t spend on more essential tasks. You’re a business owner after all, not a debt collector, and you shouldn’t have to wring arms and manage a binder in order to get your invoices paid in a timely fashion. Thankfully, AccountingSuite has teamed with Biller Genie in order to provide you with automated invoicing that’ll keep your cash flowing without a herculean effort on your part.

In fact, it couldn’t be simpler. When paired with AccountingSuite, Biller Genie functions as an end-to-end invoicing automation software, taking information from your AccountingSuite account, acting on it, and reconciling the invoice once payment is received. You won’t have to spend hours transferring customer data over in order to get started. The process is simple, easy, and streamlined. At a time when you most need to focus on the core of your business, automating tasks like these can be an essential lifeline. Businesses looking for tech solutions to streamline their business need look no further than this high-powered pairing.


Automated invoicing in a flash

Connecting AccountingSuite to Biller Genie is an experience built around a single click. Once you’ve created an account in Biller Genie and logged in, you simply go to the “Integrations” tab in your settings, find AccountingSuite, and hit “Connect.” Then, you log onto AccountingSuite to verify your account and complete a few simple steps. That’s it. Once you’re connected, Biller Genie will pull invoices from AccountingSuite once they’re created, handle all of the communication with buyers, and reconcile figures within AccountingSuite.

What’s more, Biller Genie will send all of your communications with personalized letterhead and allow customers to make secure payments online. It’s compatible with card payments, ACHs, and even Apple Pay. Your customers also get their own Branded Customer Profile, which allows them to easily access a history of their payments and other information. All of this is built on rock-solid cloud functionality that allows all of the relevant parties to access real-time information anywhere on any device—just like AccountingSuite.


Free up time and secure piece of mind

Pairing Biller Genie with AccountingSuite is as much about what you’ll be able to do with your time as what the partnership does for you. Tracking down invoices is the most unwanted of tasks, the necessary evil. If you don’t do it, you’ll hamper your cash flow and put the livelihood of your business at risk. Getting it done, though, can be a thankless, time-consuming, and expensive task. That’s true even during normal business operations, let alone at a time like now, when the coronavirus pandemic has put an indefinite halt to business as usual.

It is exactly the environment when you should be thinking of adding these seamless, hassle-free solutions to your technology portfolio. They’ll allow you to focus on what really matters: finding a way forward. You can rest easy knowing that Biller Genie is managing your invoices automatically, ensuring that payments happen regularly and that reconciliation is accurate.


Head to Biller Genie’s website to find out more about how pairing AccountingSuite with automated invoicing can work wonders for your business.

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