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Improving Efficiency – Emailing Shipments

Have you heard about our Pekingese release?

Improving Efficiency – Emailing Shipments: AccountingSuite™ Tips and Tricks. Among the updates are being able to enter customers/vendors against P&L accounts in the Journal Entry and improved accuracy of automatic Categorization feature within Cloud Banking. But the feature that I am most excited about is the ability to email Packing Slips right from AccountingSuite.

Packing Slips are the documents business owners include in the box with each shipment, and the documents customers receive when their package arrives, listing all the items within the box.

For businesses who manage their own warehouses and print and pack each order themselves, this new feature may not be that sexy. For businesses with remote warehouses or that uses a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider, this new feature is huge!

Improving Efficiency – Emailing Shipments

You can say goodbye to that tedious task of printing out the Packing Slip, then scanning it and attaching it to an email for your warehouse person or vendor/supplier. You can now throw that scanner out! (Maybe you should wait on that, you might need it for something else). With this awesome new feature, you can now email the Packing Slip from AccountingSuite right after the Shipment is created and your supplier can use this packing slip from you, not theirs! Just think of the time saved!

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