Zoho CRM integrates with AccountingSuite™


Zoho CRM

AccountingSuite will unveil its Zoho CRM integration at the Solutions 14 conference on November 9, 2014 in Las Vegas.

The direct integration removes barriers that have separated sales reps’ CRM systems from sales, inventory and accounting systems.

Sales and customer service reps can see customer histories from the earliest prospecting stage. By integrating AccountingSuite, reps will also be able to see sales quotes, sales orders shipments, invoicing, payments and returns.

“Salespeople and customer service reps can better serve their customers with real-time information,” said Kurt Kunselman, Co-Founder of AccountingSuite. “The added efficiency of having everything available on one screen allows for faster sales, faster quotes, and faster solving of problems.”

AccountingSuite includes an advanced inventory system that allows for multiple levels of pricing, and multiple locations for storage and distribution. Direct integration between AccountingSuite and Zoho CRM allows the two to function as one system that is continually updated, automatically. Bank-level security is maintained.

Demonstrations of AccountingSuite with Zoho CRM will be given at Solutions 14: The Sleeter Group’s Accounting Solutions Conference, November 9 to 12, 2014, booth # 908 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AccountingSuite and Zoho both focus on start-ups, small and growing businesses.

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