A CPAs Perspective on Software Integrations for Real-Time Inventory Data


A CPAs Perspective on Software Integrations

A CPAs Perspective on Software Integrations for Real-Time Inventory Data. Consumers today buy goods and services in every way possible. They go to brick-and-mortar shops, use Amazon, and frequent the online stores of their favorite companies —and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From a seller’s perspective, understanding how to optimize the potential of multi-channel ecommerce is crucial. Obviously, your ecommerce clients want to provide as many options as possible for purchasing their goods, but they don’t want flexibility to come at the expense of customer satisfaction.

Worst-case scenario

To use multiple sales channels effectively, your clients need all of their channels to communicate with  one another. The worst case scenario involves two customers ordering the same product through different channels. One places an order through a client’s website while the other orders via Amazon minutes later. Because inventory does not update between channels instantaneously, the client mistakenly thinks they can fulfill both orders. Inventory dictates otherwise, and all of a sudden your client has one customer who is going to be very disappointed. How, then, can retailers leverage omni-channel sales without customer satisfaction levels dipping?

A CPAs Perspective on Software Integrations

Why you need real-time integration

It all comes down to integration. Your clients need software and systems that will regularly automatically update inventory information across all of the channels they use. If a customer orders something through Amazon, that order needs to affect their inventory elsewhere. If that client doesn’t have accounting and inventory software that is capable of collating multiple transaction channels, then they’re ill-equipped to deal with the modern marketplace.

Luckily, AccountingSuite offers omni-channel integration that is neither difficult to use nor tedious to manage. AccountingSuite is designed to allow your retail clients to navigate the world of omni-channel marketing easily and without the errors that plague far too many businesses.

A real-life example

“Many accounting programs offer a wealth of integrations, but don’t make those integrations easy to use,” says Bruce Andersen, CPA. “AccountingSuite is different.”

ShipStation is our primary integration tool, allowing customers to easily record and fulfill orders across as many channels as they need.

“For example,” Andersen continues, “I have one client who is in the chocolate business. He uses BigCommerce for his online store, as well as selling products on Amazon.” AccountingSuite allows Andersen to help his client manage these channels effectively. “The beauty of AccountingSuite is that it’s a live,real-time arrangement for my clients. They never have to worry about over —or under — selling.”

Why integration is the future

There are very few business who can survive in the modern economy through the use of one sales channel alone. Your clients want to be able to sell in many ways while ensuring that customers engaging in a variety of ways all have the same stellar experience. In this regard, omni-channel inventory management, like that offered by AccountingSuite, cane make all the difference. Start your free trial today!

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